1. Personal advertising will be permitted as per the Canoe SA personal advertising rule.
2. Where possible, Personal advertising may not clash with the main sponsors.
3. All surfskis/paddles must display any race sponsor’s logo stickers – if supplied.
4. Paddlers must display correct CSA numbers on surfski – incorrect/incomplete numbers will result in disqualification.
5. Any competitor who rides the wake of a motorised craft will be disqualified.
6. Competitors will be allowed seconds to assist them on the beach, but should take care not to infringe on the rules of the race by assisting competitors in the water.
7. Any competitor who receives physical support or assistance or who enters one of the rescue craft, will be disqualified, with the exception of those doing so to repair their craft.
8. The race referee may decide whether or not a competitor should be prevented from continuing the race at any time. The decision of the race referee is final.
9. A safety mobile phone number for emergencies, as well as for notifying the race referee of withdrawals is 083 447 1500. The onus is on the competitor to notify the race referee of his/her withdrawal. The costs of any search resulting from a competitor not notifying the organisers of his or her withdrawal will be borne by the competitor.
10. The finish will be between two wobblies/flags on the beach.
11. Paddlers must cross the finish line with their craft in hand.
12. Double skis – Both competitors must be with the craft.
13. Competitors must finish the race with the craft they started the race in.
14. The race committee reserves the right to swap days (singles / doubles) in the interest of safety and/or more favorable down wind conditions.
15. No refund (or any other compensation of whatsoever nature will in any circumstances be made to a paddler who is not permitted for safety reasons to participate, or in circumstances where the race is cancelled
16. U18 Paddlers: Paddlers need to be 15 years old, or will be turning 15 years old, the same year of the race. The race consent document is to be completed and signed and submitted to the race organizers.