Hank McGregor claims Pete Marlin in thriller duel

Hank McGregor erased the memories of the nightmare of last year’s race by winning the Dis-Chem Pete Marlin singles title in a thrilling duel with new world champion Kenny Rice, while junior Saskia Hockly rocked the race by claiming the overall women’s honours.

McGregor led Rice into the last turn at Kwelera Point where he was dumped onto the rocks taking a risky inside line last year, but made sure there was no repeat of that drama.

“It was a tough paddle between myself and Kenny (Rice) at the front,” said McGregor. “I dug deep with four kays to go to get a big gap.

“I went wide on the point so I didn’t get caught like I did last year,” he explained. “I probably went too wide and Kenny made up quite a bit of ground.”

“Then it was a hard slog to the finish. I am happy to stand on the top at the Pete Marlin again,” said the Euro Steel racer, who previously won the race in 2016.

Rice duly wrapped up the runner up berth, with Under 23 local hero Josh Fenn racing onto the last step of the podium, winning the Under 23 title, and the P W Harvey & Co Eastern Cape single ski title.

The women’s title fell to rising star Saskia Hockly, fresh from her junior title at the ICF Ocean Racing world champs in Portugal, taking full advantage of a mishap that saw race leader Kira Bester swim at the same place that McGregor was caught in 2021.

“Kira (Bester) went on a deeper line while Melanie and I hugged a bit more inshore,” said the Hockly. “Honestly, Kira got away from us around Gonubie and she just took off.

“I only found out at the finish that she unfortunately had a swim on the reef coming in, and I ended up taking first,” said Hockly.

Jenna Nisbet showed her class by pacing her race well to claim second, with Capetonian Melanie van Niekerk finishing third, recovering well from a swim at the finish to complete the women’s podium.

The 2022 Dis-Chem Pete Marlin Surfski Race concludes with the double ski race on Sunday 6 November 2022.

1.Hank McGregor 1:15:25
2.Kenny Rice 1:15:47
3.Josh Fenn 1:16:14
4.Uli Hart 1:16:32
5.Dawid Mocké 1:17:32
6.Nicky Notten 1:17:48
7.Matt Fenn 1:18:09
8.Mark Keeling 1:18:33
9.Dan Jacobs 1:19:50
10.Phillip Smith 1:20:52

1.Saskia Hockly 1:33:31
2.Jenna Nisbet 1:33:52
3.Melanie van Niekerk 1:34:26
4.Holly SMith 1:35:07
5.Kirsten Scott 1:35:17
6.Candice Murray 1:36:16
7.Chloe Bunnett 1:36:56
8.Nikki Birkett 1:37:05
9.Kerry Louw 1:38:18
10.Angie Austen 1:40:00